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People: our team, our clients and links to related work


Those friends maintain the huge and unique work:
- Ursetta Mutzner, ex partner of Rolf, owner of the house, cares for paperwork, shipping and the good feelings.
- Matthias Grob, el-eng, co-founder, lives in Brazil but visits Switzerland often and builds the pickups and thinks and writes and talks...
- Philipp Scheidegger, smd- and sound-engineer, created the recent versions of the electronics, and builds wooDI.
- Heinz Fässler, mech-designer, does the wood work and knows many other things.
- Andreas Schmidt, lutier, worked with Rolf and explains many details and likes to work on the wood when he has time
- Martin Burkard, the owner of the CNC machine Rolf created his guitars on, can mill original parts
- Tom Maier and Manne Schlaier created a FORUM at http://paradis-guitars.info
- Loris Raimondi and Antonio Saracino care for the Facebook group and identifying old instruments and more...



Rolf Spuler started building guitars at Gitarestübli in Hegi, around 1980 (here is how he wrote his story)

Matthias Grob started building his special guitar amp with hexaphonic distortion in Zürich around 1978

they met because Rolf was interested in the hexaphonic technology in 1982

and founded Paradis Guitars with Jury Roten and Iris Dressler in 1984

the picture shows Rolf and Matthias at the San Diego harbor after the 2008 NAMM show.

you can find more pictures and infos about the founders on their respective sites!


hundreds of musicians stopped at our booth to listen to Ljubo Majstorovic's unique, lovely and virtuoso playing

he is much more than a player or demonstrator, he builds his own guitars and knows all about Macintosh hacking and and a lot about electronics, too. he is the only one I am aware of who takes new gear apart and builds the main PCB into his ultra compact "guitar amp" and feeds it from a central supply - so he can take all on the train easily...

he also builds the most complex live looping tools of the world customized in max and controls them with pedals built from keyboard electronics...

Ljubo does not care for success. He never published recordings of his music. He plays at some guitar festivals, but recently complained that its not worth the effort. Yet, all guitar players that have seen him play agree that he is one of the most remarkable musicians of our time...



Jon Piguet studied guitar making with Lowden and then helped Rolf to build the first 250 Avalons which were sold to a distributer in 1992.


Heinz Fässler worked with Rolf on the later Avalons 2003-5

here he is creating the picks at Frankfurt Messe. he does all kinds of mechanical works and loves learning and inventing.






Andreas worked with Rolf in the Gebensdorf times 2005-7. He then moved to Greenpeace, but he is still ready to help us since he knows more about building the Paradis guitar than anyone else...


Philipp Scheidegger and Matthias Grob 2006 during a technical meeting at BridgeCo company.

the only FireWire guitar was created.

Concept: Matthias Grob, Rolf Spuler
Hardware: Philipp Scheidegger
Software: Day Koch
Plug-ins: Matthias Grob, Andy Butler
Support: BridgeCo, Axon




Here at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006:

Manne Schlaier, Marco Russo, Ljubo, Rolf, Ursetta Mutzner, Andreas Schmidt, Tom Maier




instrument creators we exchanged ideas with


we reject endorser business. musicians play our instruments because they love them:

Pino Daniele
Lionel Loueke
Al Di Meola
Sigi Schwab
Ana Caram
Kazumi Watanabe
Andreas Vollenweider
Wolfgang Muthspiel
José Neto
Claus Boesser-Ferrari
Max Lässer
Albino Montisci
Peter Horton
Deirdre Cartwright
Michael Sagmeister
Peter Bursch
David Friedmann
Andreas von Wangenheim
Friedemann Witecka
Christy Doran
Heinz Affolter
Patrick Steinbach
Paul Pleijsier
Alieksey Vianna
Carlos Walter