Diguit - Rolfs vision of a modern instrument

our first Diguit is ready! its not a typical Paradis guitar, but it has typical features like Mono-Rail Polyphonic Piezo Pickup, Polybass, 13pin DIN out...
Rolf left 4 of them unmounted, meant to be equipped with the now outdated FireWire system. so we adapted it with a unusual kind of big controls (easy turning long life conductive plastic) and our new Polybass board. it's Tesla magnetic sounds like a rock instrument but you can blend in the piezo to get more clear, dynamic, acoustic like sounds and the subbass... a straight solid body with bolt-on neck and thus a lower price than the others...


this instrument has the original color, with slight irregularities in its finish.

the next 3 will be painted, so you can wish your color!


Diguit head


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